What’s Way Better Than New Year Resolutions?

What you plan to do this month – in January – will set the scene for your entire business and personal year.

But, every year poor old January hears a whole bunch of promises and resolutions and then has to watch as will-power fades, excuses grow, bubbles burst and the remnants of tattered dreams are scattered across the whole year.

The reason so many people fail in their resolutions – business and personal – is because resolving to do something is not the same as having a GOAL and following it through.  GOALs are way better than any New Year Resolution.

I know this from experience because it wasn’t until I set myself a massive GOAL and followed a plan that I got my first taste of success.

Here’s my story, and tips I discovered along the way.  I hope it inspires you.

Name Your Goal and Think Big

Say it out loud and you’re committed to it.  The very first time I went to Space (a nightclub on the island of Ibiza) I said, “I’m going to DJ here one day”.   I’m pretty sure nobody believed that I’d actually achieve this.  But I believed it.  I believed that I could take my DJ career from semi-professional onto a world stage.

Be An Opportunist

After I announced my GOAL to play at Space, I had no clue of how I was going to achieve it aside from marketing myself relentlessly on forums and social media.  But then the Gods of Ibiza placed an opportunity in my lap.  A competition to win a gig at aforementioned nightclub Space.  Opportunity knocked and I responded – entering the competition.  I could now see that my dream was possible.  Which takes me onto the next important point.


I made a flyer that advertised my DJ Gig at Space.  It wasn’t the prettiest thing ever and it wasn’t real, but I began to believe it was.  I also pinned a note above my decks that read, “I’m DJ Lunik and I’m a World Class DJ”.  I saw this every time I practiced.  And I practiced a lot.

Have Faith – Never Give Up

Nothing worth having comes to us with zero effort on our part.  So I won right?  No, I didn’t win.  I was one of the 6 finalists but  I didn’t win the public vote.  Don’t give up reading though because this is where it starts to get more interesting.  I was distraught!  OK, it actually gets a bit depressing here.  It was the end of the world.  Oh, yeh, it gets kind of dramatic too (sorry)!  It was my last chance to have this opportunity, because I wasn’t young in DJ terms.  I wasn’t about to be taken out the back and shot (I don’t think) but I was in my 30s – that’s old for a DJ – in fact it’s about 96 in normal human years.  But then I had this realisation.  In any business there are people out there hoping and praying that you’ll give up when things get tough because it’ll make it so much easier for them to win this race, without you in it.  I could hear Billy Ocean’s voice singing in my head, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  And that was enough to spur me on.  Thank you for that Billy :)   I’d come so far – I also had contacts that it would be ridiculous to waste.  So with confidence brimming about my ability as a DJ – because let’s face it, if you don’t believe you’re good enough to achieve your GOAL, nobody else will – I emailed the promoter.  I wrote the BEST sales letter I’d EVER written and I GOT MYSELF a gig  – way better than a competition-winning gig – this was a professional PAID gig at one of the world’s super clubs – just in case you forgot the magnitude of this :)

I’d literally propelled myself onto a WORLD STAGE.  Boin-oin-oing!


Make a Date With Reality

Settings dates for making your dreams become reality means that you’re definitely working towards something and not just drifting along.  But I have to admit I was a little late to deliver.  I originally said I was going to achieve my goal by 2008.  As it turned I didn’t achieve it until 2009.  Although it took me an extra year I still achieved what I set out to do and the nearer I got to it the more determined I got (and that’s goes back to my earlier point about Never Giving Up).

Realise that Sometimes Life Throws a Curve Ball

You might wonder why I’m not still pursuing my DJ career after all the effort and after reaching my goal.  Well, 3 months before this amazing opportunity – the gig of a lifetime, at this world class club – Space – life threw me a major curve ball.  It knocked me off my steady path – a path that I was so certain about, a path that mattered.  My Mum died.

BOOM!  Yeh, not so much a curve ball as a freakin’ damn-busting bomb ball.

I’d achieved my goal, I played at Space, but suddenly it was unimportant.  What did this teach me about life, about goals?  Way more than I’m going to write here (you’re probably relieved to hear).  And I know that some of you reading this will have lost a loved one, and know exactly where I’m coming from and perhaps you’ve begun a new journey along a different path.

I’m not claiming to have any more wisdom about life than you.  I don’t know if, as predicted, the world will end this year or not.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t end because I have made plans :)

But I know something for certain.  I know that if YOU’RE truly passionate about something, if YOU set yourself a GOAL, if YOU follow your DREAM – and if YOU NEVER GIVE UP YOU CAN ACHIEVE BIG.

Life may, in fact it will definitely, continue to throw us all curve balls, here and there, but the feeling of accomplishment, of knowing that even the thing that others thought was impossible YOU turned into the possible.  Wow!  That’s something!

My Final Point Is This:

I’m the difference between imPOSSIBLE and POSSIBLE!

Now you say it!  :)

Happy 2012 people – enjoy achieving your GOALS and please share them on here.

Post a comment about the GOALS you’ve already achieved, and inspire me and others.  I’m also excited to hear what GOALS you’ve set for this year, so share them too.

All the best

Nicky :)

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