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There is such a thing as TMI (Too Much Information), or overwhelm.  You might have experienced it yourself, or maybe you’re the culprit.

When people are looking for your help, whether you’re a B2B or B2C organisation, they’re looking for simple solutions.  They generally don’t want the long version (there are always exceptions).  They want the quickest route to happiness that there is.  Keep this in mind whether you’re marketing online or offline, because too much information can cause dizziness.

I know this for a fact, because it happened to me.

I was at the dentist this week for a routine checkup when my dentist asked what I wanted to do about the gap that had been left by a tooth extraction a few months back. I told him that I really want a tooth implant but that I’m absolutely petrified of the procedure. The fear is all that’s stopping me.

My dentist took this to mean that I wanted a blow-by-blow account of what was involved.  This was a BIG mistake.

In his enthusiasm to impart his dentistry knowledge, and explain every minute detail of the procedure, he failed to notice the colour draining from my face.  He ignored the fact that my knuckles were turning white as my grip on the arms of the chair grew ever stronger.  He got even more animated as I began to pull myself out of the seat.  Shaking, I waived my hand over my mouth and proclaimed, “too much information” and rushed out of the room to get a drink of water.  Whilst hanging onto the water cooler my dentist eventually got the message that I hadn’t needed, wanted, or was even able to cope with, as much graphic information as he was capable of sharing.

As much as I want a tooth to fill the gap all of the information did not fill the real gap. I was seeking reassurance that everything would be fine, that the procedure would resolve my issue and that I could be knocked unconscious for the entire process if I so wished.  That was the gap that needed to be filled.

Are you resolving your client’s pain or are you just giving them more reasons to worry?  Information can mean power but it can also mean overload. Don’t overload your clients with your expertise. Use your expertise to take away their pain.

Thanks to Nikoretro for the picture in this blog post.
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