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When someone you love tells YOU how much they love you it sends a wave of fuzzy warmth all over your body.  You can’t help but smile, and for hours afterwards that warm glow of happiness remains with you.  You’re now wearing the armour of love and as you glide through the day you’re able to deflect any negativity (a bit like Wonderwoman did with her wristbands).

Since Valentine’s Day is a day of love how about spreading that love a little further.  No, no, no – not like that.  I’m not suggesting you jump the postman or smooch your neighbour (unless of course you want to, and they want to).

Internet Marketing and social sharing

Are you sharing the love?

But how about you let that coffee shop know how much you LOVE their coffee – how scrumptious their cupcakes are.  How about you tell that hairdresser how much you LOVE your hair now that they’ve styled it how you’ve always wanted it.

How about you give back to those people who’ve given you something special and let the world see the LOVE.

Businesses thrive on great reviews – it helps them get found online, boosting their local SEO.  Getting your review, which only takes a few minutes out of your time, could mean more business for them.  That equates to more money in their pocket.  Wouldn’t that feel good – that you’d helped a business with their internet marketing just by sharing the LOVE about how great they are.

Think of the last place you had great service and go and share the LOVE.  Write a review on Google Places, TripAdvisor or any of the other review sites.

Help a business with their internet marketing today.  Go on – do it now.  You’ll feel the LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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