How To Build Trust In The Unknown – Social Media Marketing

There’s so much information out there on how you should present yourself when you’re floating about doing your social media marketing thing. Whilst there is no doubt that you will learn from the Coca Colas and Starbucks of this world, you should remember that they were already established brands in the real world, before setting foot in the social media landscape.  They’ve used social media to engage with people who were already fans of their product or service.

I’m not saying they had an easy job, but what I am saying is that SMEs and business start-ups, in particular, are coming at this from quite a different angle.  Before you can even contemplate keeping the interest, you have to generate it.  And, how do you do that with a faceless logo that nobody has any trust in yet?

Well you don’t.  Where big brands use a logo to identify themselves, you have yourself, because that’s what your clients identify with.  For this reason, you need to get personal, and use an image of yourself across your social media networks.

By all means include your logo in there somewhere (stand in front of it, hold it up in front of you if you like), but remember that what makes people want to do business with you is you.  It’s you who they’re putting their trust in, you who they’re meeting with to discuss their needs.  When I meet clients who are business start-ups and SMEs I’m far more likely to say I had a great meeting with you.  I will most likely mention your business name, but you are the deciding factor in developing your business.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you have to build your reputation.  Your brand may not be immediately recognised nationally, or even locally.  But, a combination of face-to-face meetings and strategic social media usage gives you the opportunity to sell yourself, make yourself stand out as an expert in your field, and have people come to you because they know that you can help them.

Make no mistake, it’s definitely you they’re going to buy from, so make sure it’s you that they can connect with online throughout all your social media networks.

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