Facebook – Why Subscribing is Good for Businesses

Why Subscribe?

Aside from the fact that you can start singing, “I’m a Subscriber, I’m a Subscriber” to the tune of Survivor by Destiny’s Child there are some genuine benefits to Subscribing.  The official word from Facebook, on Subscribing, is that it gives you the chance to “keep up with journalists, celebrities, political figures and other people you’re interested in too.”

So, yeh, weren’t we already doing that via Pages – Liking them and seeing their updates in our newsfeed?   Yes, but Facebook is evolving and it’s actually going to benefit you, the business owner, as long as you’re willing to become the celebrity of your business.  This doesn’t mean that you’re going to ditch your Facebook Business Page.  In fact what I see happening is that it’s going to become much more focused on the people-to-people relationship first and the business second.  That’s really how this thing works in real life.  If you think about it, you need to know someone and like them before you’ll do business with them, and this could give you the edge.

Likes are fine, but..

The big difference now with the Subscribe functionality is that we can click on Subscriptions.  Head to Mark Zuckerberg’s profile and see who he’s subscribed to.

These Subscriptions are effectively recommendations of all the people that he’s subscribed to – many of them work at Facebook, some are journalists.  It’s much more  social to see the actual people that others are subscribed to.  That’s really what makes social media work – the people-to-people connections.   I’d say this is especially important for B2B folks, because people want to do business with YOU (assuming they like, you and trust you), and connect with YOU.  You might not class these people as friends, but they’re more than just casual acquaintances and you want to be able to connect with them on a more personal level.  It’s also pretty handy for those, who work within large organisations, who want to market themselves, and if done within the boundaries of a social media policy, this could also benefit the company they work for.  These new changes make Facebook much more like LinkedIn , where relationships between individuals come before brands.

What It Means For You

It’s understandable then to see why people would subscribe to the personal accounts of Mr Zuckerberg, Mari Smith, Brian Solis and a whole host of other very well-known public figures, but what about you and your local business.  Well, I did say I see this as being especially important for B2B, but if you’re B2C then it will also be a great relationship management tool for you.  If you have something to say and people who you’re not friends with want to hear it, then allow people to Subscribe.  This is not just for celebrities.  Let’s say you own a restaurant and market your business with a Facebook Business Page, restaurant-goers will still want to get updates from that Page about what’s happening with your restaurant, but they might also want to Subscribe to your personal account where you post updates on the wider topic of food and drink but also because they’re interested in you as a person – you might be a local celebrity.

What Do You Think?

Are you already a Facebook Subscriber and are you allowing others to Subscribe to your personal updates? Would be interesting to hear your views. Head over and become a Facebook Subscriber of my personal Account.



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