Facebook – what makes them Like you?

Rewarding people, with the chance to win an iPad, in exchange for hitting the Like button on your Facebook Business Page, is not social proof of your awesomeness: it’s social proof of the awesomeness of the iPad.

A one-off gimmick like that will rapidly increase your followers over a short space of time.  You might be thrilled at that prospect, but if numbers of fans are your primary goal, you won’t last long on Facebook or any social media networking sites.

How to get more Facebook Likes

Is your business likeable?

If you really want to engage your target market, you’re going to have to try a bit harder with your internet marketing plan.  The idea is to give away useful information on a regular basis that will add value to your entire tribe, not just the one who happened to get lucky and win that iPad.

Top Tips for Engagement

  • Discover what’s important to your target market
  • Search for and create content that will be useful to them
  • Share that content on your Facebook Business Page
  • Tell people what they get if they hit that Like button on your Facebook Page.  It should be a great flow of information that’s going to help them in some facet of their life – business, relationships, health etc.


Do this well and you’ll steadily increase your following with people who are genuinely interested in your Facebook Business Page and what you have to say on there.

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