Facebook for Business: It’s Not Just for Friends

Ok, so I am pretty obsessed with Facebook.  I’ve been using the platform for years, I follow the live events, I’ve seen the film, ok you get the picture.

I know that I need to calm down,  and not get so irate, when I hear people saying that, “it’s JUST for catching up with friends”, but really I JUST don’t understand why people are so anti-Facebook for business.  It’s very true to say that it’s for catching up with friends, because first and foremost that’s exactly what it was created for – a social graph imitating the paths and patterns that friends and family follow when they’re connecting with each other.

BUT, and if you were to ask the question, “does Facebook make this but look huge”, the answer is a resounding yes, because this is the key point that so many people seem to miss.  It’s not JUST for keeping in touch with friends.  If people are on Facebook every single day, sharing information, and keep in mind that 1 in 4 page views (in the US) are on Facebook, guess where your customers are?  That’s right, they’re on Facebook.  They’re not spending their time trawling through search engines, they’re on Facebook waiting for information to come to them.   Think about it, and if you haven’t already kicked yourself for thinking that Facebook is JUST for catching up with friends, go ahead and do it now.  If it doesn’t hurt, do it again, just to make sure, because you need to wake up to the possibilities of Facebook for your business.


It's Business As Usual On Facebook

To confirm, this is not JUST some pro-Facebook rhetoric, let me illustrate the point by showing you some stats.  First, check out these stats from my website, where I post my blog

The Google Analytics stats aren't bad

They’re not bad stats, until we compare them to the stats from my Facebook business page, for the same period:

Electric Pen Facebook Page Stats

Yes, you’re reading that correctly – 3,810 post views.  Quite a hike up from the 130 page views on my website, and certainly not something to be sneezed at is it? And hopefully that’s enough proof for you to reconsider your stance on Facebook being JUST for catching up with friends, because people are on there looking at all sorts of information, and that could include information that you share about your industry and business.

JUST a thought!

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