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Not That Type Of ecstasy!

No, this not a guide to selling pills online.  It’s actually about the feeling that your eCommerce experience gives your customers.  Ok, they might not be so overwhelmed that they transcend consciousness, but you want to make them feel special enough that they’ll want to buy from you again, or at the very least recommend you on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon or wherever you sell your goods or services.

Poor Delivery Service

So, here’s where this whole thought process came from.  I recently had a bad experience with a delivery company and it got me thinking about the implications, not just for me, the poor customer, but for the company who I bought the product from.

Let’s first of all name and shame the delivery company in question.  They are HDNL, quite possibly the most talked about delivery company online.  That’s because they’re a delivery company with a difference.  Unfortunately the difference isn’t something positive that they can claim as their USP.  It’s more of a UFP (Unique Failure Point); a unique ability of failing to deliver on time.  As if that wasn’t bad enough they fabricate attempted delivery details, I guess in an attempt to prove to their customer (the business who supplied the product) that they’re not breaching their contract.

Holy Cow!  Does your business deliver on its promises?

Does your business deliver on its promises?


Take The Money And Run

So do businesses who use HDNL care that their customers are being disappointed with late delivery?  It appears not because although there is plenty of evidence of their poor service online, businesses everywhere continue to use HDNL.  Perhaps they offer a good deal.  So I guess that’s ok then.  So what if they’re a few days late delivering!  Why should businesses care?  After all, they’ve already banked the money, packaged up the item and sent it on its merry weary way.

Why Care?

Of course it matters.  It matters because, no matter how bad the PR for HDNL, it’s not the customer who’s choosing them.  After a bad experience the smart customer decides to slap an embargo (dramatic, I know) on any supplier, who uses HDNL to deliver.  Then the business starts to pay – in terms of attention and then for a better service (fingers crossed).

Do YOU Care?

If you’re involved in e-commerce/shipping to customers, do you make sure that every point of contact with your customer – especially the 3rd party contact and the delivery of the product – reflects the level of service that your company stands for.  If it doesn’t you may as well pack up shop right now, because it’s easy for people to see where the problem lies and where the lies become a problem.  You can’t ignore it or disguise it.

Does your entire eCommerce experience make your customers want to shout about you on Social Media or rant about you on Social Media? There’s a big difference between the two.

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