3 Tips For Content Marketing Success

When I was a teenager my friends and I set up a fanzine.  We were interviewing bands, reviewing records and passing commentary on our area of expertise – the new-wave mod movement.  We didn’t realise it back then, but we were content marketing.

Nowadays everyone is blogging.  Maybe you are too, but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with what you want to say, and forget about your market.  That’s most likely what my friends and I did with our fanzine, but we were self-absorbed teenagers and even if our readers (our friends) told us they didn’t like our fanzine we wouldn’t have stopped producing it.

When it comes to content marketing for your business, whether that’s blogging, vlogging, social media marketing or any other format you need to be a lot more focused on pleasing your audience.

Looking back through the history of content marketing, which is easily done thanks to Joe Pulizzi, of Content Marketing Institute, for his infographic and article on The History of Content Marketing, you can see what works best.

So here are 3 tips, or rather questions to consider, that will help you create valuable, crowd-pleasing content.

  • What Are Your Customer’s Needs? –  Michelin hit the nail on the head with their customers needs – providing them with a guide to help them maintain their vehicles and where the best places are to stay when they’re out on the road.  Can you light a path for your customers like Michelin?
  • What Will Add Value? – Lego provided content to help their customers get as much fun out of their product.  They showed them what they could build and gave them step-by-step instructions on how to do it.  How can you help your customers get even more value out of your product or service?
  • Who Can You Partner With? – A Joint Venture with Nike and Apple resulted in a win:win situation.  A solution for runners who wanted to map and track their progress and extended reach for both businesses.  Who could you JV with?

I’d love to know if Joe’s article sparked some new ideas for your business, so add your comments below.


 History of Content Marketing Infographic

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