Are You Tagging Liberties On Facebook?

Have you heard of Taggingitis?  It’s a nasty affliction that some Facebook Business Page Owners have succumbed to.

Taggingitis:  [Facebook- Tagging-v to tag + -itis suffix.] An uncontrollable urge to tag lots of people in an image, even when they do not appear in the image.

I’ve seen many a case of Taggingitis – where a Business Page owner  tags all of their friends and other people too, in a picture that these people don’t even feature in.  Have they lost their mind – why are they doing this?  Why has Taggingitis taken over?

The reason they do it is to spread their message through to as many people as possible, in as short a time possible.   When you tag someone in a photograph all the friends and subscribers of that person may see a notification of the tagging in their newsfeed.

So, it’s a clever internet marketing ploy, then?  It’s more viewed as irritating and kind of spammy.  Jeez that does NOT sound good does it?  Who would want to be thought of as irritating or spammy.  If you’re using your friends as involuntary WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) vehicles then this could be what people think of you.

The dangers of Facebook Tagging

Is your business making this mistake?

I’m guessing/hoping/praying that you want your Facebook Business to scream integrity, so here are some guidelines when using Images and Tagging in your online marketing:

  • Most fellow-business owners and customers will be happy to be included in your pics , but it’s always best to be open about what you’re doing.  If you intend on capturing the atmosphere of your event through the medium of imagery – sketches, photography, oil paintings – let your guests know, in advance of doing this, because some people are shy, or maybe they’re in a witness-protection programme (much more exciting).
  • If you ask your customers or people at your event to pose for photographs let them know, before you start snapping, that you intend to upload these to Facebook, and ask if they’re ok with that.
  • If they’re happy with that ask them if it’s ok if they tag you – even share with them instructions on how to set up their privacy settings so that they have to approve any photos they’re tagged in, before they hit their timeline.
  • If your photographs are great they’ll probably Like, Comment on them and even share them, without you even having to ask, and without you having to resort to lazy and inconsiderate marketing.  Woo-hoo!
Follow these guidelines and your Facebook Business Page will be brimming with integrity. :D


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