7 Reasons why you shouldn’t use your Facebook Personal Acc in place of a Facebook Business Page

You’ve got a dedicated business telephone line and a separate email for business, so why are you using your Facebook Personal Account to promote your business?

7 reasons your business needs a Facebook Business Page

Is your business getting it wrong on Facebook?

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t use your Facebook Personal Account in place of a Facebook Business Page.

  1. Thou Shalt not have more than one Facebook Personal Account.  This is the first commandment of Facebook and if you get found out you could end up locked out of Facebook.  If you’re on there doing business the clue is in the name – Facebook Business Page ;)
  2. You’re now “friends” with more people than you could ever imagine and as a “friend” you’re going to see masses of updates in your newsfeed.  Welcome to your new friend Overwhelm.  As if you didn’t have enough friends already eh!  You think that’s bad?  Wait until you have to spend hours removing inappropriate comments that your “friends” have left on your wall.  If only you’d chosen a Facebook Business Page you could’ve led the conversation and even opted not to let anyone write on your wall.
  3. Causing confusion.  So, are you a friend or a professional business?  Maybe you’re a friendly business.  There are less time-consuming ways of creating ambiguity about your brand that might be less damaging to your business.  One suggestion is to stand in the middle of a busy road holding your business logo aloft whilst reciting some anti-capitalist diatribe.  Please don’t actually do this: it’d be so much easier to get a Facebook Business Page.
  4. With only 5K allowance of friends you’re seriously curtailing your ability to grow your business connections.  Why would you squash everyone into such a pokey little space when you have the option for the gloriously spacious virtual estate that is a Facebook Business Page?
  5. You can’t promote a personal page with facebook advertising.  Unbelievable isn’t it?  You’d think Facebook was trying to prevent you from marketing your business, or maybe even encouraging you to get one of those whatsitsnames – ah, yes, a Facebook Business Page.
  6. People like to filter their newsfeed.  They can choose “Pages” to see only updates from Business Pages that they follow.  Not only will your business not appear in that list, but that list is pretty small (on average each user Likes 80 Pages) compared to that of a person’s list of friends.  Psst – Joe or Josephine Average is connected to 130 friends.
  7. There are no internal analytics available for a personal page.  How are you going to measure the ROI without analytics?  I mean seriously how is Facebook expecting you to work with this lack of information.  Well, there is this thing called a Facebook Business Page; you might have heard of it.  It provides you with analytics so that you can  view demographics of your fans, analyse interactions, and generally get insights into what’s working on your page.  Good old Business Page!

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